Testa Flour

As Testa Flour, we started to produce special purpose wheat flour and other types of flour in 2020. Our goal is to send first-class quality flour to every kitchen, to become the indispensable brand of delicious meetings. In this direction, by producing products that will make a difference to our competitors in our technological factory, we continue our existence with our brands in the domestic and international markets.

Wheat is the Heritage of Anatolian Civilizations.

As is known, Turkey is the motherland of wheat and she is positioned in the area called the Fertile Crescent which starts at one end forming the fertile soil of Egypt, Middle East and Turkey’s far south and east and hence the Iraqi and Iranian soils.

These lands have witnessed farming and animal husbandry activities for thousands of years. This culture is one of the greatest treasures of our traditional heritage. As Testa Flour, we are aware of the real value of this precious treasure. We support proper farming and agriculture in order to inherit a more livable world to the future generations and for this very reason, we are conducting R & D studies (??activities) in order to produce wheat with higher quality in its homeland.

In every kitchen ... Testa.

Cooking and being in the kitchen demands passion. The motto "Testa in Every Kitchen" also underpins our passion for the work we do.